About Kalman.io

 The Kalman Filter, "Expanded"

Inspired by the "kalman filter", Kalman.io produces articles, podcasts and creative assignments for the curious minds who dare to understand the human experience, through the "filter"of design thinking.

If you ever used gps to get to a friend or experienced a smooth landing on a flight, thank the late Rudolf E. Kálmán, a Hungarian American math whiz who revolutionized technology with his design of the Kalman Filter. His statistical formula mainly filters out the real noise in data for like everything we take for granted.

I, Kalman Chodakiewitz, was inspired to put on my kalman filter glasses and analyze the noise" within my daily interactions. Kalman.io focuses on exposing that noise in our human experience, and covering it one design at a time. Whether it's the ergonomics of the kitchen faucet or  the sound of your noisy cell phone notifications, it's all on the table.

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Kalman Chodakiewitz

Founder & CEO

Many think that attending university helps unlock one’s true vocation, and that was a big stressor to me in highschool because instead of being passionate about pursuing engineering, psychology, or other fields like business, medicine, law or architecture, I gravitated more to the mysterious ways that these disciplines are interwoven into the tapestry of our human experience.

I was lucky to attend a university that encourages a multidisciplinary approach to innovation. I graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelors in Cognitive Science with a focus on design and its effect on behavior. This path provided a rigorous curriculum in computer science, neuroscience, human computer interaction, linguistics, and user centered design. Through my studies, I grew to appreciate the user-centered design process as my compass for understanding what makes a surgical tool, productivity app, a subway station, a city grid or any design a wild success or epic failure.

The beauty of design is that it is everywhere and anywhere, intentional or accidental by nature, and I cannot help but ponder about the what’s, why’s, and how’s behind the designs around me.