Geekly Weekly: Assignment 1

Just like the body needs its cardio, our creative muses need their muscle building too.  The weekly Geekly is the smartest way  to procrastinate when you need to and get those gains you  have been looking for in your design and creative output.  The assignments are designed to get you out of your comfort zones and challenge you create for the multi sensory experience. The assignments can range from a proposed interface redesign of the automobile’s center console, to new types of signage for public bathrooms that move the needle on the amount of hands washed after flushing.

Assignment 1: filtering out the noise from the iPhone ringtone:

The situation:

Have you ever been in a coffee shop or a classroom and heard that familiar melody? You’re waiting to hear back from that crush of yours, you giddily pull your phone out of your pocket… instantly your gut spasms and feels like a twal bing wrung – your fragile brain along with  the other 3 phone dependent brains with pulled out phones,  are bummed to discover that none of you were popular …someone across the room is getting the call, perhaps even from that girl you were obsessing about!

The other case is when you’re expecting a call back from an airline or your boss at work, a need to happen, undesired call. You’re checking your phone frantically and boom! that familiar tone sounds off , finally you can get this out fo the way, and nope! it’s not your phone.

The Culprit:

The iPhone has been successfully marketed as your personal modern pocket knife with endless options to make it YOUR iPhone experience. At first a blank canvas, you get app fever and download the perfect custom tailored iphone setup. There’s one thing that Apple makes sure to keep “corporate” and that is the ringtones on your device.  Everyone, has that  rigntone, you know.. the one with the percussive mallet sounds. For some reason you just keep it, and you just accept it as your calling signal. Every Time an iPhone owner keeps the default , Apple gets publicity, audio publicity. every time you’re in public you know there’s an iphone user around. I get it, it’s brilliant design for marketing, but can the user experience be enhanced on that ringtone through some creative remixing?

The Solution:

Assignment: remix the familiar sound  in a 40 second or less track.


Here’s a link to download the original iPhone default ringtone

Here’s a link to download it

If you need free musical editing software, here a link for Audacity

Here’s a link to download the original iPhone default ringtone




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