Dirty Designs: The dreaded trash bin lid

Is there a cleaner UX out there? Am I the only person waiting for my city trash can outside to be a hands free experience?

The trash for our allies vs. our home trash. Why is it that across the U.S the standard trash for you house has a pedal so you do not have to touch the gross gew crusted lids of the trash, and why is it the exact opposite for our bigger trash cans outside? Why do they mandate you touch with your hands the lid? Also from a safety perspective there’s an advantage to having a hands free trash can especially when you are carrying more trash at a time…


Hmmmm… I want to dig deep, roll around, breath in the dirty world of trash design and understand why the standards ARe the standards… Who’s fighting to change it….Who’s fighting to keep it the stenchful experience bubbling into existence….

LEt’s analyze cities around the world that changed that, Israel seems to have made a change here

What are the problems with a change, is it also the design of the dump truck?

Are there accessories we can demand to aftermarket pimp my trash can into a toto washlet experience for throwing out the waste?

Let’s also analyze the history of city planning regarding waste management, especially at the meeting  point between garbage bin, to garbage truck

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