The invisible design of sounds within our daily interactions

The invisible design world of sounds around transactions, and notifications and interactions within our apps and technology. Why is the standard sound for checking out of ralph’s  or CVS an adrenaline cortisol pumping sound that seems to have kidnapped the sound design behind the amber alert that intentionally cause panic ?

Sounds to cover

  • Paying for something in the supermarket, are supermarket happy about that, and does it leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth to have the last interaction with the business be an alarming noise that we are ared to find stressful?

-traditional soothing vs stressful sounds

– analyse getting a coin in Mario

– winning in the casino

– amber alert for tornado and child abduction warning

-the sounds  of sending an email

– the cell phone ringer

– notification

-the sound of a train stop

– the sound of a bus stop

-notification of positive vs. negative news, and if that matters to differentiate, is it shameful/ humiliating?

– the psychology of sounds and why they correlate to certain emotions

Locking your phone

Unlocking your phone

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